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Activities and attractions in Botswana

Botswana offers an unbelievable amount of interesting places and attractions for travellers. On our website we help you to preview some of these and to choose a selection of highlights which can be realised during your journey.

On Info-Botswana we offer three ways to find touristic highlights, places of interest and activities:

1. Map of Botswana

On our detailed map of Botswana you will find a lot of entries for activities, highlights, places of interest and insider hints – all organised in a user-friendly search pattern. 


2. Activity index according to regions and towns

Under the menu Regions all activities within the regions of Botswana are listed.  So you will know what to discover when travelling to the region of the Central Kalahari for example. 

3. Activity index according to categories

Under the menu button Highlights / Activities you will find all highlights and activities of Botswana sorted according to categories. This offers an easy thematic search.

Here an overview of the categories:

Khwai Concession Intro

Concessions / Private reserves

Some of the large, sometimes several 10.000 hectare large farms, which are in private property since decades, have been dedicated to nature conservation and transformed into private conservation areas.

Private concessions

Khutse Game Reserve Intro

National Parks

Botswana is one of Africa's great wildlife destinations. Offical National Parks, game reserves and nature reserves constitute around 17% percent of Botswana's area. 

National Parks

Okavango Delta main

Points of interest

Here we provide an overview of the most popular landmarks and points of interest in Botswana. Please notice that National Parks, private conservation areas and many other destinations are presented in other lists.

Points of interest

Info-Botswana is a Botswana holiday planner, online travel portal and personal booking office. Find a lot of information about Botswana accommodations and activities including some great insider tips.

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Bookings & Planning

When booking accommodation or activities with Info-Botswana you will enjoy several advantages.

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