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Climate and Weather of Botswana

Botswana - one of the sunniest countries in the world

Botswana is one of the sunniest countries in the world. The weather is usually hot and dry, there is a semi-arid climate. This means that even in the main rainy season the evaporation is often higher than the existing rainfall.

Botswanas seasons and yearly weather cycle

Blue sky and warm weather in BotswanaWeather in Botswana in Chobe National Park

Botswana's seasonal rhythm is characterized by a change from a pleasantly cool wintry dry season to a summery rainy season with sometimes great heat.

Winter starts in May and ends in August or early September. Rainfall is very rare in winter. The temperatures can drop to below zero degrees Celsius at night, the days are usually warm with temperatures of over 20 degrees Celsius.

The mid-November to late-March months can be very hot, depending on whether it rains a lot or a little. In high rainfall seasons, the cloud cover and the falling precipitation promises cooling, at least for a few hours.

In the intermediate months of April and October, it can rain slightly, the weather is pleasantly warm and mostly dry.

Best time to travel Botswana

Botswana rainy mood Rainy mood in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Most t of the travel experts are sure that every season is worth a trip to Botswana, depending on your interest and mood. Nevertheless, many travelers prefer the main holiday season of the northern hemisphere, ie around June - October. Rainfall is extremely rare and holidaymakers can enjoy the undisturbed sunshine in a temperate climate. The nights can be very cold.

Also, the time from May to October is ideal for the observation of wild animals - unquestionably one of the highlights of a Botswana trip. Due to the lack of precipitation, the animals are forced to visit natural or artificial waterholes. There are hardly any better opportunities to observe the fascinating wildlife of Southern Africa.

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